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Check Point Kazakhstan is a unique firm in today`s market having some of the most experienced consultants in the country. Most of Check Point Kazakhstan people are bi-lingual and are most sensitive and understanding to the business and cultural needs of the region and its industries. Check Point Kazakhstan has provided consultancy services to major multinational companies, either already operating in Kazakhstan or willing to pursue business opportunities in this exciting new market place. Check Point Kazakhstan`s broad network of contacts in the region is a vital resource for clients seeking to grow their business in the region.

For the international business community Check Point provides consultancy services for start-up operations in Kazakhstan, including contracts, legal assistance, follow-up and representations.

Complete and pragmatic guidance on your investment projects in Kazakhstan through a wide range of consultation services that are responsive to your needs adapted to your present situation in Kazakhstan, which includes:

1. Diagnosis of an on-going project

  • Thorough evaluation of your partner`s creditworthiness and reliability
  • Cross-checking of the identity and functions of your local correspondence
  • Assessment of your partner`s operational capacity

2. Opportunity study of your investment

  • Targeting suitable Kazak partners

3.Implementation of your structures

  • Conduct of negotiations with potential partners and with government entities

4. Company domiciliation ​and ​registered ​Address​:

  •     Legal address for your company i​n Kazakhstan​
  •     Holding of statutory records and registers for your compan​y​
  •     Provision of Company Secretary
  •     Provision of local Director/Representative
  •     Phone number with messaging service can also be arranged

5. Conduct of your communication campaigns

  • Public relations relations
  • Media

6. Logistical assistance

  • Visa support
  • Organization of business trips

Check Point Kazakhstan is currently serving numerous international clients in the fields of Oil&Gas, mining, FMCG, banking & finance, trading, agriculture and Internet.

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