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Ethic Code
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Ethics and Code of Conduct

Client Viewpoint

  • To steer our client, by means of a thorough assessment of the situation, toward a realistic written job description and suitable candidate characteristics.

  • To deploy all means appropriate to succeed in finding the best talents, achieved best through a policy of retainer-based rather than success-based fees.

  • To keep our Client closely informed of progress, withholding no pertinent information.

  • To strictly respect professional secrecy and communicate to the candidate only specially authorized information.

  • To focus not only on the immediate management requirement, but on the long-term strategic implications.

Candidate Viewpoint

  • To refuse any payment from Candidates, and any “outplacement” assignment…

  • To inform the Candidate of the Consultant’s role, and of our professional procedures.

  • To provide objective information about the Company and the job, paying careful attention to avoid “overselling”.

  • To guarantee confidentiality and discretion, and to disclose no information which is not authorized by the interviewee.To inform the candidate if the Consultant decides not to refer her/him to a client.

  • To obtain the explicit permission of the Candidate before contacting any reference or permitting the client to do so.

  • To forbid ourselves to disclose resumes of Candidates in our data-base without interviewing them for the new position and obtaining their approval to refer them.
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