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Training Program

Trainer: certificated trainer practitioner. Work experience – 12 years. Work experience as the trainer – 12 years. Specification - HR.

Methods: study progressive methods, practical examples; business games; this training will give you practical experience in recruitment and personnel appraisal which let you become a professional in recruitment area.
It is not just a seminar – it is a great ability to get efficient consulting applying to your everyday work!

1.How to prepare for the interview?
-Details of personnel interviewing.
-Defining roles of all the participants of the process.
-Defining optimal ways of candidate search.

2.What is competence?
-Types of competencies. 
-Choosing necessary competencies for the position.
-Difference between biographic interview and competence interview

3.Whom we really need? “perfect” candidate profile
-Draft profiles for competencies and requirements. 
-What is in priority: personal traits or professionalism? 
-Appraisal at CV-stage
4.How to make more effective interview? Professional skills 
-Basic interview types.
-Interview structure. Plan or ad-libbing?
-Ability to ask questions: «question tunnel».
-What and how to appraise? Revealing professionalism, communicative traits and motivation.  
-Traditional methods of appraisal and interviewing
-Professional interview secrets: important rules for managers and recruiters.
-How to reveal what candidate tries to hide? Verbal peculiarities: activity and passivity, positivity and negativity
-Information gathering principals.
-How to avoid mistakes: objective and subjective factors.

5.How to organize candidate recruitment.
-Gathering information about the candidate for internal client
-Preparing candidate for the interview
-Preparing internal client for the interview

6.How to make effective “after”: adaptation as the important recruitment stage
-Communications with the candidate before and after decision making. 
-Type of adaptation: Motivation to work. Instructions. Introduction.
-Check points during probation period.  «Assistance» after the probation period.

Training Audience
Heads of departments and divisions, HR managers, recruitment managers.


Language of delivery

Training Place
Check Point Talent Solutions Almaty

Training Duration
1 days, 8 hours

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