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Management Skills Development

Training Program

     I. Levels of the corporate management structure

·         The spheres of linear managerʹs responsibilities

·         Professional Belbinʹs test, which indicates the roles inside the team 

·         Major roles performed by manager

·         Who is leader? The levels of managerʹs self assessment, which influences the productivity of the department.

     II.  What is necessary in order to manage people?

·         Cycle of management skills (Professional test of 8 types of individuality)

·         Life cycle of organization and employee.

·         Managerʹs basic competencies (practical workout).


     III.   Goal setting and planning.

·         What an employee hears during the goal setting process?

·         Why employees can not achieve the set aims?

·         How to set goals in a right way?

·         How aim differs from job description?

·         SMART- criteria

      IV.   Motivation and stimulation: what affects the desire to work

·         Employeesʹ needs: Maslowʹs hierarchy of needs

·         How to determine whether employee works for you or your competitors?

·         How to determine how the particular employee is oriented?

·         All people are different. Stimulation of employees in accordance with their team roles and individual type of motivation.                                                                                        


      V.   Delegation of responsibilities: opportunities and limitations

·         What can be delegated and what can not?

·         Delegation mistakes

·         Subordinatesʹ resistance during delegation process


    VI.   Personnelʹs work assessment as a management tool

Interview on work results (the rules of conduct)
Which objections might be met during the analysis of work results and how to resist them?


Training Audience
Regional managers, heads of departments, middle managers.


Language of delivery

Training Place
Check Point Talent Solutions Almaty

Training Duration
2 days, 16 hours

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