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          Work experience

              2009 - present         

              Independent consultant.

              2002 - 2009                  

              Check Point Central Asia LLP

              Manager of Training Department

·       Management of all types of training department activity, organization and provision of courses on various subjects.

·       Creation and implementation of communication skills development courses, such as: “The art of personnel management”, “Skills of personal effectiveness”, “Business communication skills”, “Telesales”, “Dealing with customer complaints”, “Effective selling skills”, “Consultative selling”, “Teacher skills”, “Time management”, “Effective teambuilding”, etc.


              DHL International Kazakhstan. Almaty, Kazakhstan

              Acting Head of the Personnel Department

·               Recruitment, personnel assessment, appraisals holding, preparation of job descriptions, determination of work criteria and capacity of staff, records management, teambuilding events organization.



              “DHL International Kazakhstan”. Almaty, Kazakhstan

              Training Manager of DHL in Central Asia and Kazakhstan             

               Organization of business development activities and training.

               Courses for staff:

·       «Receipt for success», audience – staff of Sales and Customer service departments.

·       «Telesales», audience – Sales Department staff.

·       «Win together», audience – company managers, “360 degree”, audience – company managers.

·       «Business communication skills», audience – all staff members.

·       «Professional Telephone Skills» all staff members.

·       «Customer service and dealing with complaints», audience- Customer service department staff.

·       «Time management».

·       «Stress management».

·       Organization of external courses for various company divisions.          


               1994 -1996                                         

               “DHL International Kazakhstan”. Алматы, Казахстан

                 Head of Customer Service

                Customer Service department management.


               1993 -1994                                         

               “DHL International Kazakhstan”. Almaty, Kazakhstan

                 Customer Service Agent

                 Acceptance of applications and dispatches from clients.



                Almaty Institute of Foreign Language

                Specialty: Teacher of Foreign Languages

               Additional Information

      1992  Secretary courses

               1996  “The art of personnel management” courses. 

               1997  “Customer service and dealing with complaints” courses.

      1997 Advanced training courses for teachers, Training department DHL, Brussels, Belgium.

               1998  Advanced training courses for teachers (Fast Forward Training Company), Budapest, Hungary.

               1998  “Effective presentation skills” courses.

               1999  Advanced training courses for teachers (Fast Forward Training Company), Bucharest, Romania (certificate).

               1999   “Negotiations skills” courses.

               1999  “Time management” courses.

                          “Successful personnel attestation» courses.

                          “Skills of personal effectiveness” courses.

                2000  Advanced training courses for teachers, (Fast Forward  Training Company).Moscow.

      2001  Advanced training courses for teachers, (Fast Forward Training Company) Moscow.

      2001  Individual styles of personality and interpersonal relations, London, UK, right of teaching (certificate)





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