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Check Point Kazakhstan mission is to assist our clients achieve and maintain their competitive business advantage by hiring the very best executives and specialists for their leadership teams.

Our proven success in executive search and recruitment is based on the combination of almost 15 years experience, high-professional recruiting team and extensive candidate database, enhanced by personalized service and a dedication to top-quality.

We conduct our business with a focus on integrity, building lasting partnerships, and benefiting the companies and individuals we serve. We offer innovative, flexible and creative solutions, individually tailored to our clients` requirements, deadlines and budgets. We adhere to high standards of business ethics and guarantee all information we receive is confidential.

Our expertise area embraces, but is not limited to:

  • General Management,
  • Sales,
  • Marketing,
  • Engineering,
  • Operations,
  • Finance,
  • Human Resources,
  • Information Technology,
  • Legal,
  • Supply Chain Management.

Management Selection

Organizations compete fiercely in the war for talent. The workforce is an important resource that can be a remarkable competitive advantage. Management selection is an increasingly difficult task; find the good partner is crucial. You need the insight and real time market knowledge provided by experts.

Our main objective is to put the right person on the right job. Select the best candidate for the job will lead to get quality performance and to save time and money.

Our methods reflect our 20-years-experience heritage and we adapt them constantly to society’s changes, to ensure that we are attracting the most suitable candidates in the market. In addition our consultants have a personal network of contacts and are experienced professionals. They focus on developing knowledge, which will allow them to advise, inform and challenge. Then, we will assure that your company get the maximum visibility and an optimal coverage of the markets.

In order to achieve this, at Check Point Kazakhstan, we rely on our complete knowledge and expertise in social media and Internet, the way we master communication for employment, our ability to deal with volume recruitment management and our efficient interview techniques and evaluation tools.

Moreover, the search of candidates with specific profiles requires a sharp and qualitative targeting. We source our candidates on different levels: an evaluation of competencies, a motivation analysis and validation of previous professional career. So as to broaden our horizons, our team is also dedicated to sourcing candidates from all over the world.

Our sourcing is composed of:

  • Our extensive database 
  • Our partnerships 
  • Our Internet network 
  • Our personal network

At Check Point Kazakhstan, we emphasize on the complementarity between our clients’ functioning and our methods. Talent who are ready to face the challenges and changing agenda presented by today’s global economy, and add value to the company. We ensure a reactivity and adaptability that will respond to our clients’ needs. We are conscious of the urgency of recruitment missions entrusted to us. Today’s company’s issues need specialists. Meaning, someone who can provide the insight and real time market knowledge.

We always create a stable environment with our clients and keep long-term-relationship. We strive to reach the best possible results for our clients and candidates. Then we conduct post assignment to understand what we do well and what we can improve.

We know that discretion and confidentiality are crucial. We will do whatever it takes to avoid any leak of financial information.

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