Outsourcing with CPTS
Outsourcing with CPTS
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Outsourcing with CPTS

Check Point Talent Solutions provides the complete range of payroll management and advises on any changes in the labor, tax and other legislation related to personnel employment.

Option 1: Providing Personnel of Check Point Talent Solutions

Check Point Talent Solutions can provide its own personnel to you. It will bear all the responsibility for search and recruitment to satisfy your requirements, and will take care of all payroll transactions, deductions to budget and tax matters. Check Point Talent Solutions can provide you with the personnel of various types according to different wage structure. Check Point rates will normally include basic net salary, income and social security taxes, pension fund contributions and other statutory obligations, insurance, payroll & personnel administration, reporting, overheads.

Option 2: Transferring Your Personnel to Check Point Payroll

Check Point Talent Solutions will be happy to take your personnel on its payroll and to take care of all tax, administration and insurance issues, as required by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, thus reducing the costs further for you by taking on the entire payroll processing functions.

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