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Recruitment Techniques
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Recruitment Techniques

Internal Resources

Our extensive employee database is filled with experienced and qualified candidates who are looking for career changes. These candidates have been pre-screened and carefully evaluated by our recruitment team.

Active Search

Our recruiters use their contacts in different industries and organizations to actively seek out the best applicants. We ensure the applicant`s firm interest before your identity is disclosed.

Advertising Based Recruitment

This method frees the Company`s valuable staff and resources from such time-consuming activities as placing advertisements, handling responses, screening applicants and other administrative tasks. We can create attention-getting ads that can appear with or without Company`s identity. Then we will provide our Client with full statistics about the response to and results of these advertisements.

Internet Approach and are another sources of candidates for Check Point Kazakhstan.

Full Search Process

If the Company is looking for high professional specialists in a specific market we offer a Full Search Process.

The Full Search is the most complete way of servicing the requirement needs. It includes:

  • Direct Search (Head - hunting)
  • Approaching
  • Database Search
  • Interviewing / Screening
  • Testing
  • Checking References

The Full Search consists of the following steps:

Assignment Brief Production

We take great care to gain a detailed understanding of the client, the job and the ideal candidate profile before producing an assignment brief. Specifications are discussed face-to-face. An assignment brief is then produced, confirmed with the client and delivered according to an agreed timetable.

Search process

The Full Search begins but not limited by the Database search, using our extensive database of thousands of qualified candidates we assemble a pool of potential candidates. Database search is conducted in concert with Direct Search (Head-hunting) using the contacts we have developed through years of working with candidates. We are able to reach out to those professionals who excel in their current position and would value the chance to work for your company.

If the Clients know the concrete person they want to hire we help to Approach and motivate this candidate. We contact the candidate; interview him/her, asses the motivation and professional skills, provide the Client with a written summary/background of the candidate, arrange an interview with the candidate, provide with check reference report, assist with negotiations on the remuneration package and contract of employment.


After the search process has been completed, the challenging task of narrowing the field to the strongest candidates begins. Through Interviewing / Screening candidates personally we verify that they have the necessary qualifications, motivation and personality to contribute to the client`s team.
After having interviewed and targeted candidates and verified their qualifications, their technical knowledge and their motivations as well, we are able to select the best ones.


The client is kept informed of progress, receiving a short-list of candidates.

Conducting a Reference Check is the final method we utilize to screen qualified candidates.

If the Customer decides to advertise its Job Opportunities, we offer an Advertised Selection Service:

  • We help the Client in creating the text and lay-out, advise with advertising medium to ensure the best results.
  • We interview all candidates in our office to assess their qualifications, motivation and personality features.
  • We timely inform you of progress, sending a shortlist of candidates and a written report on every person we met.
  • All the assistance in arranging and scheduling the interviews is also provided.
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