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Time Management (Atyrau)

Training Program

Trainer: The certified business-trainer, coach and consultant. Area of specialization – management, sales, negotiations, marketing, advertising, media, PR. 11 years of experience.

• Work using different perceptions of time;
• Identify where and why they lose or waste time;
• Name the advantages of different Time Management Systems: B. Franklin’s, D. Eisenhower’s, and accomplish the result-oriented planning;
• Organize work using  “general principles of planning”;
• Set goals and develop effective working habits to meet these goals;
• Set priorities and identify vital and important tasks;
•  Determine TM tools, methods and new planning technologies (Microsoft Outlook);
• Apply delegating methods to reduce working load;
• Apply working load methods on the basis of biorhythms and apply rest technologies methods;
• Organize work and desk.
I.   Time and You.
     Heterogeneity of time
     What is time? What does “time” mean to you?
     How to work in the circumstances of different time perception?
     Case 1
II.  Valuation of personal effectiveness.
     How do you estimate your personal effectiveness?
     “Time Stealers». Test 1 .
III. Time Management is Personal Effectiveness
      Difference between effectiveness and activity.
      What is personal organization?
      Concepts, functions and techniques of personal organization. 
      Test 2.
      Case 2
IV.  Methods of planning
      Goal setting.
      Tasks as means of achieving goals
      B. Franklin’s «TM” system. Your personal strategy, mission and job priorities”
      From long term planning to daily to-do-list
      Priorities setting.
      Concentrating on priorities
      Delegating as means of time saving
      Test 3. Test 4.     
V.   Time planning Tools
      Types of planners
      TM and Microsoft Outlook

Training Audience
Wide audience


Language of delivery

Training Place
Check Point Talent Solutions Atyrau

Training Duration
2 days, 16 hours

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