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Specialization – finance. Experienced trainer-practitioner. Certificated international accountant, professional auditor. 20 years work experience.
List of trainings :
Certificated business trainer. Consultant, economist, practicing accountant.
Accountant, financial consultant, experienced trainer with numerous qualifications in training received both in Kazakhstan and abroad. Area of expertise – Finance and Business accounting.
List of trainings :
Certificated practicing business trainer. Specialization – finance. Work experience in finance – 16 years. Experience in training – 14 years.
Practicing certificated business trainer. Work experience – 13 years. Specialization – HR.
List of trainings :
Practicing certificated business trainer. Work experience – 13 years. Specialization – HR.
List of trainings :
Certified business-trainer. Specialization – HR Management.
List of trainings :

Certified Business-trainer, Practitioner.
Specialization – Assessment Center, HR Management, Coaching, Personnel Management.
Experience in Specialization – 17 years.
Managerial experience – 12 years.
Experience in Training – 16 years.
Education: Master of Psychology, Certified Coach.

List of trainings :
Practicing certificated business trainer. Work experience – 12 years. Specialization – HR.
List of trainings :
Certificated business-trainer. Certificated professional coach, business-trainer of Kingston University, Strategic, Tactical and Production management expert-consultant. HR development, Marketing and Business administration consultant. Experience in training-11 years.
List of trainings :
-Strong theoretical background in strategic management, project management, finance,accounting and economics. -Twelve years of practical experience in all phases of software development for commercial and government organizations. Expert in software development process. -Technical skills in database management, process modeling (ARIS, Visio, Rational Rose), web and ERP systems and tools. -Expertise in software development process: CMMI, SPICE, Microsoft Solution Framework -Structured and object oriented modelling techniques: IDEF0, eEPC, UML.
List of trainings :
Professional Trainer of Russian language for foreigners Educational experience 32 years. Individual work experience with foreigners – 6 years.

Consultant on organizational management and manager projects development certificated practicing business trainer, coach. Work experience in training-10 years. Managerial consulting-6 years. Entrepreneur experience-7 years. Sales experience-12 years. Specialization: Complex programs of activities consulting support on increasing profitability through management improving and optimization, working with business objectives and areas of lost profits, planning, organization, improving the use of employees, modernization of production, the introduction of innovative processes and management technologies and solutions to improve business efficiency and its strategic development.
Certified business-trainer. Specialization-Management.
Practicing business-trainer, consultant, coach.
MBA, МАБ. BradAid, Practicing business trainer, marketing specialist, brand manager, work experience 15 years.
Certificated business trainer. Specialization: development of oil and gas fields. Work experience as the teacher – 12 years.
List of trainings :
Practitioner business trainer. Specialization: geology and geophysics. Teaching work experience – 36 years.
List of trainings :
Certificated business trainer. Specialization: development of oil and gas fields. Since 2003 has taken part in production and technical analysis and monitoring of the following enterprises: Kazmunaigas, Kaztransgas,Petro Kazakhstan Kumkol Recourses, Turgai Petroleum, Aktobemunaigas, Mangystaumunaigas, Kazmunaiteniz as the technical expert. Work experience – 37 years.
List of trainings :
CPTS_PM_SS-019_1, Business-trainer, career coach Work experience in pharmaceutical business. Work experience in training of medical representatives. Specialization: Training of medical representatives Training of first table pharmacists Development of training programs Corporate and open trainings delivery.
List of trainings :
Certificated practicing business trainer. Specialization - PR Consulting, advertising, Mass media, project management, organizational consulting. Work experience in specialization-16 years.
Certified business-trainer.
Certificated business trainer, consultant. Specialization – sales, negotiations. Work experience in sales – 10 years. Work experience as the trainer – 10 years.
List of trainings :
Practicing business-trainer, consultant
Certificated business-trainer practician, consultant and coach. Specialization – sales, negotiation, presentation, sales management. Work experience in sales – 10 years. Work experience as trainer – 11 years. Author experience in sales training project.
List of trainings :
Certified practicing business – trainer. Specialization – Sales, Negotiations, Presentation. Work experience in sales – 7 years. In training – 7 years.
Certified business - trainer, consultant. Specialization – Soft Skills. Work experience – 15 years
List of trainings :
Trainer-coach with international certifications. Specialization– Consulting and Communication, Carrier and individual coaching. Experience of working abroad- 11 years. Experience of coaching – 12 years. English- fluent.
List of trainings :
Practicing business trainer – 13 years work experience. Work experience in sales – 13 years. Specialization: time management consultant, sales, communications, presentations, negotiations etc.
List of trainings :
Certified business-trainer. Specialization-personal development skills.
Corporate trainer
Certificated business trainer Certificated coach of the Erickson College International. Business consultant in the sphere of strategic management and marketing.
практический бизнес-тренер; преподавательский опыт – 16 лет; опыт работы тренером – 6 лет. Опыт работы в банке – 6 лет.
List of trainings :
Practicing business trainer – 15 years work experience. Consultant in financial literacy, specialist in goal-setting, motivation, time management, sales and success achievement, professional coach, author of columns in Mass Media.
List of trainings :
Practical business trainer, consultant, coach.
Certified practicing business-trainer, consultant. Work experience – 12 years. Specialization – Communication, Management, Teambuilding, Sales, Negotiations, Presentations.
Certified practicing business-trainer. Specialization – Sales, Negotiations, Presentation. Experience in sales-12 years. Experience in trainings-6 year
List of trainings :

Bachelor of Psychology, a member of the Association of Psychologists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, certified trainer of "TrenerPROFI" Training Center of business coaches (Moscow), advanced training in the Private Finance Academy (Munich) .

Author of a number of training programs for organizations:
- "Work on debt collection "
- "Management skills" (time management, motivation, conflictology, art of constructive criticism, "Management mask" - positive and negative aspects, etc.)
- "Prevention of burnout"
- "Conflict Management"
- "Oratory"
- "Presentation Skills"
- "Effective sales: customer attracting and retaining"
- "Stress Management for Executives"
- " Phone conversations"
- "Emotional Intelligence and how to win in business"
- "Modern secretary"
- "The training on team"
- "Effective communication", etc.
List of trainings :
Certificated business-trainer, psychologist with many qualifications. Specialization – Soft Skills. Experience in psychology and communication field - 12 years. Experience like trainer more than 8 years.
List of trainings :
Certified business – trainer. Specialization: Team Building & Soft skills

Architect. Georgi Nikolov is a Certified European Passivhaus Designer by Passivhaus Institut - Dr. Wolfgang Feist, Darmstadt, Germany. He is also the Board Chairman of the of IG Passive Houses Bulgaria (
List of trainings :

Старший инженер-строитель.  
Большой опыт в ведении проектов пассивном и гражданском; навык и квалификация в калькуляции и управлении проектами, командообразовании, лидерстве и коммуникационных навыках.
List of trainings :
Certified passive house architect and sought-after expert.    
Roland Matzig is among the first certified as a Passive House planner by the Passivhaus-Institut in Darmstadt.    
By now, active himself as an instructor of architects for passive house planning in cooperation with the chamber of engineers in Wiesbaden and Stuttgart.
List of trainings :
Certified practicing business-trainer. Specialization-marketing, management.
List of trainings :
Certified practicing business-trainer. Specialization-Sales, Management, Psychology for business.

Certified Business-trainer, Business-consultant, and Assessor.
Specialization - management, personnel management, assessment.
Experience in Training - 14 years.
Experience in Assessment – 8 years.
Experience in Consulting – 7 years.

List of trainings :
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