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·         Present time                      FREELANCE BUSINESS TRAINER

                                                                 Adoption and conduction of training modules under client’s request

                                                                (GreenHouse, Polpharma, Efes, Taulink)


·         2007 -2010                        GSM KAZAKHSTAN (Trade marks: K’cell, Activ)

                                                     Client relationship business trainer (Sales Department)

·         Expert consulting in Resellerstraining

·         Implementation of sales management standards.

·         Development and implementation of module programs

·         Active work with external services suppliers

·         Managing corporate events


2001 – 2007                     Business trainer (North Winds, Dinal, KDK, Capital, Efes)

·         Assessment of sales department personnel (interview, testing)

·         Project servicing taking into account seasonal goods

·         Consulting services for sales department personnel

·         Arranging and conducting adopted trainings:

Ø    Adaptation course for “Beginners”

Ø    Effective sales course (visit stages)

Ø    Leadership skills (for supervisors)

Ø    Presentation skills (for line managers)

Ø    Manager and leader

Ø    Time management

Ø    Negotiations skills (basic and advanced level)

Ø    Work with objections and conflicts

Ø    Service management

Ø    Field training (practice for sales department)


·         1999 -2001                      DANDY Distribution (Trade marks: Dirol, Stimorol, Chewits, etc.)          

                                                              Regional Trainer in Sales Department (Central Asia)

                                                                                    References and recruitment for sales department

                                                                                    Training in auditory and “in field” (sales technique, coaching)

                                                                                    Winner of Regional Trainers competitions of CIS 

                                                              Monitoring of supervisors/managers over Kazakhstan


 1995 – 1997                          KIMEP -  MBA program (1 year)


1989 – 1994                           Al-Farabi Kazakh State University

                                                  Mechanics and applied mathematicas department

                                                  Mechanical engineer, matematician



·         Trainers Seminar                       Moscow, DANDY Distribution training center

·         Program for Trainers                  Uralsk, KACEBI Enterprise center, USAID Carana

·         Train the Trainers                        Mark Kukushkin Open Training University, HR Cons.



Business Trainings:

1.     Effective communications

2.     Team work

3.     Negotiations Skills

4.     Supervisor skills

5.     Mentory skills

6.     Work with objections and conflicts

7.     Leadership

8.     Stress management

9.     Field Training (practice in sales department)

10.    Customer service

11.   Business communication skills 

12.   Presentation Skills



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