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Influence & Persuasion Skills

Training Program
Trainer: Certified practice trainer, coach and consultant. 12 years of experience. 12 years of work as trainer. Sphere of specialization – human resources management.

•To give an idea of persuading influence;
•Developing of persuading speech skill;
•To give an idea of barriers preventing influence and ways of their overcoming;
•To acquaint (Familiarize) with methods, stages, logics of persuasion building;
•To acquaint with “manipulating influence” concept.

- Forms of influence: civilized and manipulating influence.
- Situation of interaction: personal and professional communication, it specifics.
- Methods of decision making.
- Negotiations as form of professional communication
- Manipulation peculiarities as one of interaction strategies in negotiations.
- Specific characteristics of manipulating interaction
- Structure and logics of manipulation process
- Psychological traps in manipulating interaction
- Constructive anti manipulative behavior. Technology of resisting manipulation
- Basic influence skills: rational and irrational persuasion
- Meta-programming analysis: how to be more convincing

Training Audience
Wide audience


Language of delivery

Training Place
Check Point Talent Solutions Almaty

Training Duration
2 days, 16 hours

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