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Time management

Training Program

Trainer: certificated trainer practitioner. Work experience – 12 years. Work experience as the trainer – 12 years. Specialization - HR.

Course objectives
By the end of this program participants will be able to:
•Work using different perceptions of time;
•Identify where and why they lose or waste time;
•Name the advantages of different Time Management Systems: B. Franklin’s, D. Eisenhower’s, and accomplish the result-oriented planning;
•Organize work using  “general principles of planning”;
•Set goals and develop effective working habits to meet these goals;
•Set priorities and identify vital and important tasks;
•Determine TM tools, methods and new planning technologies (Microsoft Outlook);
•Apply delegating methods to reduce working load;
•Apply working load methods on the basis of biorhythms and apply rest technologies methods;
•Organize work and desk.

I. Time and You.
- Heterogeneity of time
- What is time? What does “time” mean to you?
- How to work in the circumstances of different time perception?

II. Valuation of personal effectiveness.
- How do you estimate your personal effectiveness?
- “Time Stealers».  Test 1

III. Time Management as Personal Effectiveness
- Difference between effectiveness and activity.
- What is personal organization?
- Concepts, functions and techniques of personal organization. 

IV. Methods of planning
-  Goal setting.
- Tasks as means of achieving goals
-  B. Franklin’s «TM” system. Your personal strategy, mission and job priorities”
-  From long term planning to daily to-do-list
-  Priorities setting.
- Concentrating on priorities
- Delegating as means of time saving
V. Time planning Tools
- Types of planners
- TM and Microsoft Outlook

Training Audience
wide audience


Language of delivery

Training Place
Check Point Talent Solutions Almaty

Training Duration
2 days, 16 hours

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